No Deadlines

Apply at anytime from anywhere; we do not have a committee of judges that needs to meet or wade through applications. Because our award process leverages a constant stream of data from the applicant and our decision agents run continuously, applicant scores are constant updated to reflect the most accurate picture of the applicant’s current need.

Distributions are made periodically throughout the year using the most recent scores. This enables aid decisions made throughout the year using the best available information.


Applying for our micro-scholarships does not require lengthy essays, letters of recommendation, or certificates. The process is completely digital and uses a mixture of social, device, online-presence, and user-submitted information to make award decisions. The more information we can collect, the more accurate the score and score certainty.


Names, gender, location, other personally identifiable information as well as general application information can expose applicants to bias if exposed to human judges. While recognizing the potential for algorithmic bias, machine learning offers a path to ensuring decision neutrality in the scholarship evaluation and award process.