Every applicant has a living need score. Although the scoring process is algorithmic and based upon opt-in data, each applicant is required to meet the following criteria to be considered eligible for an award distribution:

  • Must be accepted to an accredited university
  • Must be registered for one or more technology related courses
  • Must qualify for federal student aid

We are hoping to help students with strong moral character, ethical integrity, and an active interest in making the world a better place. Race, gender, gender-identity, cultural background, sexuality, and religion are not evaluated in our process.


As a completely digital foundation, our awards are distributed electronically. The identity of every applicant must be verified before they are eligible to receive a distribution. In addition, the distribution process may involve peer-to-peer payments, digital wallets, electronic fund transfers, and digital certificates. Applicants are notified electronically and maintain accurate contact information to ensure timely distribution.

About Us

Every student should have the opportunity to focus on their education and achievement while attending college

For nearly ten years, the Astrient Foundation has strived to reduce social inequality. Our classic programs include scholarships and fellowships for emerging-market students who demonstrate potential in the areas of social responsibility and entrepreneurship, an educational outreach program designed to promote the spirit of volunteering and the involvement in young people, and a Women's Initiative that strives to inspire the development of tomorrow's female leaders.